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Physical Therapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a important life function that many women go through during their lifetime. It is common to hear of a women complaining of pain during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester as the baby is growing more quickly.

Prenatal physical therapy is an option to help alleviate aches and pain associated with pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 50-70% of pregnant female experience some sort of back pain during pregnancy (1).

Factors associated with onset of back pain are:

  • additional weight gain through pregnancy

  • decreased posture

  • change in the center of gravity

  • an increase in hormones

  • added stress of pregnancy

Since your body is changing, the muscles and joint have to work harder to stabilize your body. This causes increased fatigue on the joints and muscles. This fatigue may cause you pain or soreness (1). A physical therapist is able to help reduce muscle tightness and tension through gentle massage and stretching. Our Pompton Plains physical therapists are able to you give you relief after your first visit.

You and your baby's health are the main concern at Physical Therapy Services. Another less known area of new pain with pregnancy is carpal tunnel due to increased swelling. Many women are holding an increased amount of water during pregnancy. This may cause a problem for many women who are working into the later stages of pregnancy. A lymphatic-type massage can help move fluid from the area to decrease nerve pain and pressure to improve mobility and strength. Physical therapy can help your hands before and after you give birth to help reduce swelling and the pain associated with it. Talking with your OB/GYN is the best way to figure out what treatment is best for you and your baby. Physical therapy is a conservative treatment and not harmful to you or your baby during this time of change.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will give you an individualized program safe for you and baby. Exercise is important even into the later stages of pregnancy to help support the body's strength and endurance. Our physical therapists are in constant communication with your doctor to ensure the safety of you and your baby. It is important to understand the options you have to decrease your pain and discomfort.

If you have any questions about physical therapy during pregnancy, please do not hesitate to call our office and talk to a physical therapist. We also advise you to call your OB/GYN to discuss the options of physical therapy during pregnancy.

We are located in Pompton Plains, NJ. We have easy access to Route 23, Route 287, and the Wayne surrounding areas.


1. American Pregnancy Association. 2020.Going To Physical Therapy For Relieving Pain During Your Pregnancy. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 18 May 2020].

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