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Dr. Christina Serzan, PT, DPT

Christie recently earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Scranton, where she previously obtained a B.S. in exercise science and concentration in nutrition. While at The University of Scranton, Christie and her peers were selected to present their research, “The Use of Topical Olive Oil as an Effective Preventative Measure for Pressure Ulcers: A Systematic Review,” at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans, LA.


Christie is interested in working with patients with various orthopedic conditions, as well as patients of all age ranges and activity levels.  She focuses her treatments on integrating new techniques with traditional interventions to improve her patients’ function. Because of her lifelong dance experience, Christie is also interested in helping dancers and sports athletes return to their previous levels of performance.  Her interest in dance continued as a competitive dancer and role as a team coach at The University of Scranton.


Christie is well known to many of our patients as she was our physical therapy aide for 10 years prior to getting her license. In her free time, Christie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and going to concerts and sporting events. She loves talking to patients about sports, music, and anything Disney!

Debra Serzan, PTA, BS

Debbie has been working at PTS for over 30 years.  She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University earning her Bachelor of Science degree in biology, where she went on to complete the physical therapy assistant program.  Debbie previously worked at Chilton Medical Center for 7 years.

Debbie is a vital member of PTS, working with many different patients providing manual therapy and helping develop their exercise programs. She is famous at PTS for her soft tissue mobilization massages and has been given the nickname of “magic” by many patients. Debbie can help decrease muscle tightness and spasm allowing for patients to return to their active lifestyles quickly. She is trained in various Kinesio taping techniques, and frequently uses them on patients to help support their return to activity.  Debbie is creative with her exercise programs and is always coming up with new ways to address our patients’ needs.

In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and cooking/baking. She is always ready for a trip to the beach as soon as the temperature hits above 60 degrees.

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